Ipé decking for the pool of a single-family home

The owner of this single-family home contacted Fusta Floor with some frustration. He had had a wooden deck installed around his pool, and the structure hadn’t held up. When we arrived at the place, we saw that it was a pine structure, a very soft wood not suitable for this function, and poorly installed.

At Fusta Floor you will hear us repeat that wood is an excellent solution for gardens and swimming pools. But, like any construction project, it must be executed well.

On this occasion, we had to replace the platform. We explained to the client the materials that we were going to use (tropical wood) and our work system. And he trusted us so much… that he even kept his vacations and went skiing while we did the project.

The raised ipé platform was fantastic in this spectacular two-level pool. At Fusta Floor we carry out impeccable finishes on the stairs, the corners, the joints… We finish off all the screws with wood so that the final result is perfect. You can see in the images how we border the pool with a frame that prevents any cut in the wood from being seen.

The client returned from his vacation with the finished project… and he couldn’t have been more satisfied! We wish him and his family many years to enjoy this space and the fantastic climate of the Costa Brava.


April 28, 2022


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