Iroko decking in a holiday home on the Costa Brava

We loved this flooring project for a second residence in the town of Llafranc. The garden was relatively small. The installation of a space with wood on the side of the house and another on the access to the garden, brought warmth, comfort and interest to the landscaping designed by Agustí Anglada, from Drim Medi Ambient.

We opted for an iroko decking, an African wood from controlled forests of the López Pigueiras brand. It is a very solid brand, which manufactures high-end flooring with very good treatments.

Iroko is a very popular wood among our customers, despite being one of the most expensive. Its orange tones and the variety of colors and length of the slats give warmth and variety. At Fusta Floor, we also install the slats strategically so that the whole is aesthetically harmonious. An iroko wood floor seems to radiate even more light.

This is not a great project in terms of space dimensions, but it is one of the ones we are most satisfied with. The platform provides the perfect homely touch of warmth. Attention to the final result of the small entrance space to the garden through a pedestrian gate. The set of flooring and wooden planters, with the selection of plants chosen by Agustí Anglada, is perfect.


April 5, 2021


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