Reform of a traditional farmhouse in Ampurdán

The contractor of this reform, Jordi Ballara, knew us from having coincided in a previous work. On that occasion, his final client asked us for a platform, Jordi liked how we work, and since then we have collaborated on several projects.

When he was entrusted with this rehabilitation, he called us right away. He was clear that we would be a perfect partner to install the parquet in this house with such special characteristics: a traditional farmhouse in the quiet town of Gualta.

Our proposal was to install a Mafi brand parquet, and both Jordi and the owner were enthusiastic about the idea. Mafi is an Austrian manufacturer whose parquets are of the highest quality and totally ecological. It is one of our favorite brands.

Mafi parquets are made of natural wood from sustainable forests. They do not contain formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds. They are treated with natural oils based on linseed oil, without significant drying accelerators. Mafi also uses white glue to join the solid wood layers of the board. This glue is made with water, coal, lime and acetic acid, and does not contain solvents that could cause allergies.

In fact, Mafi’s parquet floors have won various awards for being suitable for people with allergies or asthma. Due to their characteristics, they even improve the air in the rooms. With an adequate application of oils, the floor keeps its pores open and has the capacity to absorb more moisture than a sealed plank floor. That humidity is released back into the air, which improves the climate of the rooms. We take care of providing an additional layer of oil, in addition to the one that comes from the factory, for optimal durability.

The client was so convinced of Mafi’s philosophy that we looked for the model that was closest to his decorative idea and we installed a European oak parquet. As you can see in the photos, it marries perfectly with the atmosphere of this farmhouse. The final touch was the installation of a recyclable skirting from Noël & Marquet.

We loved the end result. One of our favorite parts were the transitions between the hydraulic mosaic and the parquet, which were solved by sealing the joint with glue. It is a delicate process that we recommend only for small sections, but it offers an excellent aesthetic and practical result.


May 9, 2022


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