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Wood cladding, parquet and flooring. Specialists in creating warm and elegant spaces.

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Quality, naturalness, comfort, elegance and sustainability

FUSTA FLOOR stands out for the personalized advice we offer. We are characterized by the experience of many years, the exclusive dedication in each project and empathy towards the people who trust in our work.

OUR PASION is to create homes and environments with pure, natural material, and in which to feel in tune with yourself.

CHALLENGES, we enjoy with them in order to continue learning and growing.

Viktor and Nadia


Good health requires physical, mental and social well-being.
Creating a space where we feel comfortable is vital to favor an environment of comfort and convenience.
For this reason, wood is so appreciated, it generates well-being just by looking at it and visualizing ourselves in the middle of nature.


From small rural hotels and restaurants that need reforms or comfort in their
accommodation to owners who want quality, natural materials in their home and above all
Respectful towards the environment.

Excellence in the product.
We create innovative, sustainable and high-quality spaces for interiors and exteriors with a high added value for the user.