Bamboo decking for the garden of a house in S’Agaró

A wooden platform brings great warmth to any outdoor space, and this project is a good example. But it is very important to use quality materials and a professional installation to get to enjoy it for many years. In this case, they called us to replace a synthetic flooring that had not held up well over time.

We showed several options to the client and he decided on a Moso brand bamboo platform, X-treme model. It fit for aesthetics, quality and sustainability. It is a 100% sustainable and ecological platform. It has the certifications that guarantee that its manufacture has a neutral carbon footprint.

Bamboo cane grows very fast, so it can be felled easily. In fact, the UN encourages countries to encourage their use. Bamboo is also one of the most resistant materials among natural floors, and one of those that requires the least maintenance, due to its high density.

In the project we include two years of maintenance in which we polish the material and apply oil. When natural wood is moved, it moves. It takes time to adapt to the heat, humidity or sun conditions of the new place. After this good initial maintenance, the wood is capable of withstanding the conditions and weather of the area well.

You can see in the images how the construction process is. We make a double structure under the platform, as long as the depth of the space allows it. This allows the weight to remain distributed, and the platform is more stable. This structure must be made with tropical wood, which is hard. In this way we ensure that the set lasts many years in good condition.

We loved the end result of this project. The dark color of the bamboo is beautiful in contrast with the light walls of the house and the tile of the pool.


May 14, 2020


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